Elections & Voting

Working Together for New Jersey represents a Christian world view, which includes expression of the Bible’s principles.  God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son spoke to every important issue of life, through Scripture.  In America today, we find rampant violation of all of God’s Ten Commandments – so what are we to do?  We choose to speak out, based on God’s Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, and to do so humbly, with compassion, but firmly and confidently in Truth.

Candidate Interviews:

for whom to vote ?

How do you know for whom to vote?  We firmly believe that it is the responsibility and obligation of every believer in God to accept the personal responsibility to engage in policy making through direct personal involvement. 

   We can teach you how to do this.  But if you have not yet taken the steps to learn what elected representatives (or candidates) stand for, and an election is at hand – which is the case right now – then click below for links to several voter guides for help.

   Never go in to a voting booth not knowing for whom you want to vote!

Center for Garden State Families / iVoterGuide

Family Policy Center VoterGuide

NJ Right to Life PAC’s endorsements

Election integrity

One of our coalitions is focused on Election Integrity, and even has a dedicated website speaking to it.  We welcome you to visit, and to volunteer to work to assure we have honest and fair elections, where every legally qualified individual can vote easily.


a book for practical guidance

Looking for Biblical Answers to Today’s tough policy questions?  We recommend Pastor James Garlow’s “Well Versed


Live not by lies

The pressures we, and our kids, face today to “go along to get along” are immense.  But what is the outcome of doing so?  We recommend author Rod Dreher’s “Life Not By Lies”

Live Not By Lies YouTube interview