Life . . .

Working Together for New Jersey represents a Christian world view, which includes expression of the Bible’s principles.  God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son spoke to every important issue of life, through Scripture.

   In America today, we find rampant violation of all of God’s Commandments – so what are we to do?  We choose to speak out, based on God’s Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, and to do so humbly, with compassion, but firmly and confidently in Truth.

When does life begin ?

We live in a culture that sometimes confuses “wants” with “science.”  SO much societal pressure exists to empower and celebrate the individual and his or her “self.” 

   That speaks to “wants” – we want to believe we are the center of the universe.

   But science looks at actions and results that can be replicated – and when life begins  is defined by actions (egg and sperm join, known as fertilization) and results (a single fertilized egg cell begins to grow).  When a plant seed begins to grow, we say it has come to life.

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What does Scripture say ?

      Many verses in the Bible discuss God’s measure of life.

    Scripture is not simply a compilation of opinions.

    The nature of the Bible is so complete, it had to be “God-breathed,” or directly inspired by God.

    Did you know that NO archeological discovery has challenged any description in Scripture ?

   Genesis 1:27  says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

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What answers does the Bible offer in today’s world?

Looking for Biblical Answers to Today’s tough life or policy questions?  We recommend Pastor James Garlow’s “Well Versed“:

Live not by lies

The pressures we, and our kids, face today to “go along to get along” are immense.  But what is the outcome of doing so?  We recommend author Rod Dreher’s “Life Not By Lies”

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